October 19, 2009

Halloween in a small town

Walking through the Village this afternoon, my husband and I noticed several storefront windows bore large rectangles formed from green masking tape. Yes, it’s that time again – the time the Village’s young children have an opportunity to display their artistic talents by painting a Halloween-theme picture in their assigned spot.

We moved to Larchmont after my children were way past the age when they’d be included in this activity, but I’ve always loved seeing the pictures.

“I wonder how long they’ve been doing this,” I said to my husband. “Fifty years? Seventy-five?”

We don’t know the answer, but maybe we can find out.

I suspect the painters will be at work this weekend. Stay tuned for photos of some of the best art.

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  1. In 1997 the Chamber of Commerce led by President Glenda Byrne (Abbott Travel), Mary Ann Mancino, Claudia Aller and Denise MacDonald initiated the first Window Painting. We got the idea from Rye Recreation committee who graciously shared their ideas with us. Now it has become a tradition.