April 28, 2010

Help a needy Mom this Mother's Day

We never celebrated Mother’s Day when we were growing up. My mother used to say, “You should love me every day, not just one day a year.” So while my friends were busy buying cards and gifts and going out for dinner, I pretty much let the day go by like any other Sunday.

When I had children of my own we pretty much followed the same practice, although by then I’d relaxed a bit and appreciated the breakfast in bed they’d bring me.

 Now that my children have children of their own, however, and I see the way they and their spouses are raising them, I’ve got an entirely new appreciation for the idea behind the celebration. Raising children isn’t easy, and in these harried times, taking some time to stop and say “You’re a great Mom” is a good idea.

That’s why this year I’ve made a donation to Furniture Sharehouse in honor of my daughter Amy Grotta, and daughter-in-law Aeron Noe. Furniture Sharehouse, if you’re not familiar with it, collects gently used furniture and redistributes it to needy families in Westchester. This Mother’s Day you can download a card made by a child in a homeless shelter and send it to those you love. It’s the least I can do to let these moms know that someone cares.

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  1. Thanks Mom! You're a great motherly role model.