November 24, 2010

Shopping locally

If you're a regular newspaper reader, you've probably seen the full page ads placed by American Express urging you to support the local businesses that create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country by "shopping small" this Saturday.

I can't think of a better excuse to avoid the mall than supporting Larchmont's small business owners by doing my holiday shopping here in town.

But, if you're still on the fence about it, here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:
  • Books: The Voracious Reader and Anderson's have wonderful selections -- and both will gift wrap your selections.
  • Placemats: Foley's has a great selection of them, including the solid ones that always remind me of breakfast at an English inn and the modern metallic basket weave placements that are very in.
  • Bath products: Pink on Palmer has a wonderful selection to soothe and pamper.
  • Toys: In addition to Miller's on Mamaroneck Ave., you'll find toys at Foley's, the Corner Store and many other spots around town.
  • Jewelry: There's something for almost every price range -- check out Peridot, Wallach Jewelry Designs, and the stores that carry costume gems.
 If you're still at a loss, check out an article I wrote a while ago about what you could find for $25 or less in Larchmont's stores.

And when it's time to rest the weary feet, drop a few bucks at one of the many watering holes in town. They, too, deserve our support this holiday season.

Happy shopping!

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