June 28, 2009

Kudos to the New York Times

Ever since I learned that the plastic bags that protect our morning papers are recyclable and I started stuffing them into one of my recyclable grocery bags, I’ve been amazed at how quickly they accumulate. The amount of plastic diverted from the waste stream from just our small household probably measures a cubic foot a week – if not more.

Checking online I quickly learned that newspaper bags are just the tip of the iceberg. Zip lock bags and bread bags; dry cleaning bags and the wrap on toilet paper; grocery bags and cereal box liners – all are recyclable and should be brought back to Stop and Shop, CVS or other large retailers.

While it’s been the law to recycle these bags for more than a year, far too many folks are now aware of the regulation.

So thank you, New York Times, for publicizing it on the bags themselves. And let's hope The Wall Street Journal, the Journal News, and all the other papers that hit our doorsteps, take the hint.

For those who need more information on where to take your bags, please check the online directory.

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