June 26, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Football and Godliness can play on the same team, according to a story in this morning’s New York Times about home schooling, but academics seems to have been lost in the scrimmage.

“It’s fun to be in a Christian environment,” said one player of the league, in which coaches sign a code of conduct forbidding tobacco products and cursing. As Coach Scott Dorsey told The Times, “This is a ministry opportunity around football” in which he can teach the boys to lead a Christ-centered life.

Coach Roger McDaniel gives the players minisermons at each game. His priorities, according to a sign posted on the football field fence, God and Family are No. 1 & 2 priorities for his players, followed by “Acedemics” and “Atheletics.”

I hope someone other than the coach is worrying about the 3 R’s.


  1. I'm okay with academics not being the most important thing on the football field. Presumably, the academics comes in the home classroom. I'm not religious, but I think that Family is an important one to put up top. And if we look at Religion as a way of teaching values (respect, Golden Rule, etc.), then I'm okay with that being high up, too.

  2. Not just "acedemics" is out at this school but so is "atheletics". But then the original blog is a little short in its "scrimage" so there goes our grip on "prosetical" correctness.